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The AI ​​Group (www.theAI.group) helps fast growing companies to around the world to earn more with the help of artificial intelligence and
machine learning. Global corporations have been using solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and through process automation and deep data analysis become even more and more profitable. small and medium businesses, unfortunately, cannot afford to hire leading specialists in the field of AI, since the salaries of such specialists often exceed
$500,000 per year.

Therefore, we decided to correct this situation and built a business that helps cool startups and fast-growing businesses get even steeper and grow even faster.
We have assembled a group of the best AI specialists and resell them expertise for small and medium-sized businesses in a very innovative scheme – customers pay us only if our solution has increased their revenue or reduced costs. If our AI solutions failed to increase profits for our client, the client
does not pay us. We have just launched, but are already working with several startups in London and are urgently looking for motivated Product Managers to join our team lead generation, which will effectively and quickly join the work and helpGrow your active customer base to 100.

In our work, we use the most innovative tools, approaches and methods, constantly evolving, quickly making decisions and never stop there. We help our clients earn
more and each employee of our company is most effective and brings results. We highly value integrity and honesty.

What will need to be done:

  • cold lead generation automation management;
  • Creation and validation of a lead base for cold outreach (1200 targeted contacts per month, may increase).
  • personalized email targeted mailings and LinkedIn;
  • direct mail, letters and flyers based on the target audience;
  • maintenance of the client base;
  • creation and validation of sales scripts for different industries and company sizes (this work will be done in tandem with the founder business);
  • building a sales funnel sequence;
  • work with the base of leads in HubSpot and LinkedIn.
  • research on consumer segments, customers and strategies to increase the number of potential relevant leads.
  • Goal: book a call for the company’s CEO with a client.

Under what conditions we will cooperate:

  • average monthly income from $700 (FIX + KPI +%), (if you earn less – we will fire you, you do not work well);
  • work format: remotely
  • the opportunity to grow into an expert of the company in 6 months with a salary of $1,500 per month;
  •  salary 2 times a month (salary + bonuses)
  •  transparent, understandable, effective system of motivation;
  •  full training at the expense of the company;
  • continuous training in modern sales and marketing techniques;
  • we use the most advanced IT tools and marketing.
  • we have a powerful and modern CRM system that really helps
  •  the young team of cool specialists;
  • active owners involved in business processes;
  • active and interesting clients;
  • transparent and understandable company structure;
  • we take part in various events and exhibitions;
  • we work in a dynamically developing market;
  • We work with clients all over the world.


You will have special benefits if you:

  • worked in CRM;
  • read books on sales and marketing, have been trained in sales;
  • know and understand what a sales funnel is;
  • you have business correspondence skills;
  • you are a good researcher;
  • you know how to find new, sometimes unexpected channels for generating leads;
  • are interested in artificial intelligence and agree with us that artificial intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution and understand that you have a unique opportunity to work in industry that will change the world beyond recognition in the next 10-15 years.

It would be cool if, along with your resume, you will make a small a cover letter that succinctly describes:

  • most relevant jobs, difficult challenges,
  •  results of work in numbers,
  •  What company do you currently work for?
  •  why you decided to change your current job,
  • Where do you currently live, what salary are you considering,
  • when ready to start work.
  • And now, if you carefully read this vacancy and understand, that this is the job that you have been looking for for a long time, then start cover letter with the words: “I want to work for The AI ​​Group.” So we will understand that you are really attentive and the responsible person.

Attention! The application for the vacancy is accepted until December 10, 2022.


Contact us and apply now ⤵️📮



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