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We are a fast-growing outsourcing company with solid experience in creating design, development and support of services in various industries. We combined the creativity of our brilliant specialists with the best practices of website development. We work with clients from Europe, the USA and Canada.

What you will deal with:

– generous interest for meeting KPI targets in addition to a good salary;
– consistent flow of Incoming Leads. High conversion rate into SQLs;
– sales Leads Database. Leads that are not “dead”. “Dead” leads are deleted;
– in-depth knowledge of our UVP, ICP & their Pain Points and our competitive advantages. We believe that’s why sales happen;
– sales manager-oriented process. We don’t distract you. Process is automated. You get leads with no involvement in lead generation;
– quick answers to your questions by C-level, marketing & leads generation team;
– alignment with company’s goals, meeting rhythm, values, mission and our culture;
– full-time employment, remote work option, english speaking club, exciting projects, exceptional HR management and people that you will love.

You’re a perfect fit for our team if:

– you’re driven by selling. That’s your passion and you truly believe that’s the area you want to be the best in, you consistently and proactively develop your skills;
– you believe in sales that are based on understanding of services’ core advantages, competencies and pain points rather than “pushy” sales without orientation on what that certain business needs in practice;
– you have the ability to hear, catch and understand the main unique problem while communicating with prospects. After that, you have the ability to propose the best solution that will also be differentiated from all the others vendors;
– you believe and follow the approach of building relationships with high-priority prospects and selling as a result of a genuine desire to get their problem resolved;
– you’ve been successfully selling services. Contracts were as a direct result of your work contracts. You completely understand the sales process and have around 2 years of active experience;
– you try to read, study or test new approaches in practice as much as possible to improve your skills;
– “get it done” culture resonates with you. You are willing to follow up the leads whose value is not necessarily very promising;
– sales plan completion is crucial for you (in case you initially set or accepted it). You love to win and you do this.

What we offer:

– complete Employee benefits package (in certain cases includes -individual option for our employees);
– match between yours and company’s expectations;
– consistent and insightful feedback;
– limitless growth opportunities;
– teamwork and synergy. You’re not alone with your KPIs;
– smart growth plan for each 3 and 6 months and Education;
– brainstorming sessions to help you gain results (if necessary)

About Altum Agency

Altum agency is a team based in Ukraine who are extremely passionate about developing brands through deep analysis of its uniqueness & advantages.

Highest value and approach of our team is to invest energy and creativity combined with our experience to deliver designs that make difference, not just looking good.

Permanent challenge of our team is to convert ideas and vision into brands that people remember and websites that end user will love, what impacts on revenue and KPIs in the end.

Contact us and apply 📩

– E-mail: [email protected]


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