Опис вакансії

Hey guys!

We have the opportunity to offer you a PR job in international crypto projects!

We are Majinx — international agency, with cool ukrainian team, that provides a full range of marketing services PR for Blockchain projects and startups.

Today we support projects in the crypto market in the following categories: Defi | GameFi | NFT and others.

For certain areas, export activities, including marketing, are the only source of income.

Our mission is to provide access to international projects to the largest number of Ukrainian specialists.

The magic of our agency can conquer anyone, so you will like us:

  • we have freedom of action and decision-making
  • relatively free remote schedule — we have no one to control the time worked, an important result
  • positive attitude to crazy ideas and their support from the owners (if, of course, they lead to results)
  • we are always for creativity, self-expression, self-improvement

Оur projects are waiting for that very cool PR, who:

  • has experience in international, crypto projects
  • easily communicates in English
  • preferably with a base of warm contacts in our market, but at the same time it can work with cold search
  • also knows how to coolly agree on a free publication, a barter format of work
  • knows how to find the right influencers

Оur team has a free and easy communication format, but we also love nerds in terms of work! For payment — we focus on your professionalism, so feel free to voice your desires.

So, I’m waiting for your SV here or on Telegram @Olga_A568 and I will tell you details about our projects.

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