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👉 Hi

Binary Studio, a boutique software development company from Ukraine, is looking for a Junior Outbound Lead Generation Specialist & Sales Manager to manage sales processes within our company. You will have the opportunity to significantly impact our company’s growth while developing your professional career in IT sales.

👉 As a part of the interview, we’ll check on your culture fit:

  • Student Always — We share our knowledge & educate the team (e.g. our Binary Studio Academy) and are constant learners ourselves
  • Striving for Excellence — We strive for top-notch results in everything we do
  • Ownership & Initiative — We evaluate Binarians’ performance by the number of things they take ownership over and deliver
  • No Assholes — we don’t work with arrogant people

👉 Talent you’ll bring into our team:

  • Exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills: you need to be a sociable, positive individual who can make a great impression on someone in record time, and be able to “turn on” your sales skills at a moment’s notice — i.e. be the master of the “elevator pitch”
  • Strong organizational and self-management abilities: you’ll be in charge of your entire lead generation process, and will be expected to keep track of and manage all new business accounts you bring to the company. Even though you’ll be supported throughout the process, this isn’t a job where you’ll be told what to do at every step — you definitely need to be proactive!
  • Fluent spoken and written English: you can articulate complex ideas with clarity and precision, both verbally and in writing

👉 We expect you to perform such Outcomes/Responsibilities:

  • Engaging SMBs through various channels to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions
  • Conducting market research to identify target industries, companies, and decision-makers
  • Implementing lead nurturing strategies to guide prospects through the sales funnel
  • Handling objections and contract negotiation
  • Collaborating with internal teams to optimize the sales process and create relevant sales materials
  • Educating yourself about industry trends and best practices in lead generation by participating in conferences, webinars, and reading relevant publications

👉 Will be a plus:

  • A track record in achieving tangible results as an Outbound Lead Generation Specialist
  • Understanding of IT sales processes
  • Ability to analyze data and leverage insights to drive decisions

👉 What you will get in this position:

  • Encouragement to explore best lead generation strategies — we empower our Lead Generator to excel not only in traditional methods but also to explore new, unconventional, and inventive approaches to improve our client acquisition efforts
  • Company sponsorship for attending industry events, obtaining certifications, and participating in activities aimed at developing your lead generation & sales skills
  • Comprehensive support and assistance — we’re committed to providing whatever resources or guidance you need during your tenure with us.


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