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We are working in fintech . Our main product is end to end digital lending platform. Our credit decision engine works with a multitude of data and determines patterns that are too subtle for the traditional processes to pick up. This allowed our system to perform well even during downturns in the market.



  • 1+ years of experience on DevOps role with production-grade systems
  • proficient in Linux administration and configuration
  • experience scaling the performance of Web applications;
  • experience in deployment and administration of monitoring systems;
  • experience in working with highly loaded systems; support of a large server infrastructure;
  • knowledge of version control systems (eg Git);

Our Technology:

  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Web and proxy servers: Nginx
  • DB: MySQL
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab CI, Bitbucket Pipeline
  • Cloud: DigitalOcean, Hetzner
  • Containers: Docker, Docker-compose
  • Configuration Automation: Ansible
  • Monitoring: Grafana, Prometheus,
  • SCM: Git
  • Scripting: bash

Working conditions:

  • Official employment/FOP (optional) after the trial period;
  • Full accounting support;
  • Remote work format;
  • Full payment of vacation pay;

Country: Poland

About the project: working project

Field of development: Fintech

Stages of the interview:

  1. HR interview (10-15 min);
  2. internal technical interview (20 min);
  3. non-technical interview with the customer (30 min).


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