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Kyivstar, extends the Business Development Office team with M&A Integration Manager position.
The M&A Integration Manager is pivotal to realizing value from acquisitions and has high visibility at the Executive level. This position is responsible for developing post-M&A integration strategy, planning integration activities, deploying plans, conducting regular integration team meetings, tracking progress, reporting results and documenting the lessons learned from the integration.
Main responsibilities:
• Plan and conduct the Integration Team meetings so that all functional integration leaders and their teams understand their roles, responsibilities and objectives during the transition period
• Brief the acquired management team and employees so that they understand the integration process and how it will impact them
• Escalate issues requiring senior-level input so they are resolved quickly and effectively
• Manage the interdependencies between functions so activities are prioritized and sequenced correctly
• Lead the process of synergies realizations – checking compliance with the business case, eliminating obstacles, finding new opportunities
• Evaluate the risks associated with an integration and mitigate them to the most reasonable extent possible
• Regularly communicate integration schedules and status to various levels of the organization, including to the Executive level
• Ensure compliance with all project processes and procedures
• Capture lessons learned and recommendations for future acquisitions
 Main requirements:
• 5+ years experience working in project management with cross-functional groups (specific M&A integration experience is a plus)
• Strong interpersonal skills, team-oriented and proven experience building relationships
• Demonstrate business acumen by understanding end-to-end business processes
• Results driven, with a good eye for business, and the ability to create alignment across various stakeholders
• Strong communication, presentation and influencing skills
• Strong personal integrity – high ethical standards and judgment
• Upper-intermediate level of English at least

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