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Our company is looking for a Sales Development Representative for a full-time remote position.

We are a software development company.
The lead generation and sales department need a specialist in written custom communication with leads that came from lead gen mailings.

— Carrying out written communication manually with potential customers who responded to the mailing from the leadership campaigns
— Maintaining the CRM system, filling in data about leads and current communications
— Booking and following up calls with potential customers for the sales department
— Reporting on the results of their activities

— Experience in conducting custom-written communication
— Experience in turning cold responses into a call/demo client
— The ability to write personalized and structured messages and letters that convert to a specific action (without staples and templates)
— Experience in qualitative analysis and validation of leads before starting communication
— Experience in conducting high-quality manual correspondence as an SDR/Outreach specialist

About the company

Our company develops IT solutions for healthcare companies from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.
Our values:
1) We create useful products (we don’t do gambling and time killers).
2) We are passionate about creating new products (rather than dealing with large legacy systems).
3) Minimalism and business value. We believe that technology should bring measurable business results and do it most efficiently.

We offer our clients complex solutions — we analyze the business needs and a company vision, create requirements, design and develop, release and support.


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